How it works for businesses

Add tasks you need to get done

Add your tasks easily by summiting a job/task post in our site

Add the marketing task you want to accomplish, from web development to content creation, social networks campaign launch, or SEO optimization for a particular keyword, and much more. Post your task and one of the registered freelancers will contact you if interested in helping you work on your task. 

  • How do I post a new task?

    Quick process

    From your desktop computer or from your mobile, it won't take you more than 2 minutes to post a new task. 

  • Is it free to post a new task?

    You got it

    It will be free to post new tasks for your business, not only one, but as many as you need to run your marketing online strategy smoothly. 

  • Do I have to register ?

    Yes, indeed

    So you can keep track of your online marketing team and all tasks published, and assigned, you need to register as a business on our platform, will help you manage more effectively what you are doing. Register now.


Include all the task details

Tell our freelancers, all the main caracteristics of your task

Establish the task's timelines as per when need to be done, or maximum price per hour, Freelancers near you, or that speak different languages. You define all parameters quickly and easy, and choose the best option.

  • What details can I include?

    Less is more

    You can include multiple data fields as rate per hour, expiry date, language, country, task category, industry, full time, hourly, by project duration, skills required, images, videos, and much to come.

  • What happens after adding my task?

    We share your important task with registered Freelancers

    We will share your new task with all the xperienze registered freelancers that meet your task's requirements. Just sit down and wait for new contacts interested in helping you do your task.

  • Can I search and hire professionals?

    Asolutely, start bulding your marketing team online

    You can search for profiles near you, and make your selection by type of contract, by skills, by user's review and many other options. Build your online marketing team remotely, hire them and pay them by task, hour or full day.

    Start achieving today.


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Our platform will help you get done all those tasks that need to be done without the need to have long terms employees, only when you need them and for a particular task, reducing cost and empowering progress.

  • Why to register as a business?

    Build your online marketing team remotely

    Search withing our platform to find the perfect candidates to help you achieve and do all those marketing tasks pending in your list. Keep moving forward, let professional freelancers help you grow your business. 

  • How to build my remote marketing team?

    Digital Marketing

    Search, review, contact and share your project with potential candidates within our platform, select potential candidates based in their profile, skills and xperienze. Hire them for a single project with limited duration or as a permanent team member.  

  • Do you work with marketing agencies as well?

    Yes, we do

    We work with agencies as well, you can find freelancers profiles and as well small marketing agencies from around the world.